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Alethea Robbins is an interdisciplinary artist. Interlacing photography, clothing, mail-order catalog formats, and social gatherings to seek pause, respite, and light; some works tend to the perils of change, loss, and other nuances of the spirit of being.

Born 1984 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She received her BFA in photography from Watkins College of Art and Design, then an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio arts from Maine College of Art. As her studio practice began to embody works centered on healing she continued her studies and got her Master’s Degree in Science of Nursing from Vanderbilt University and has an active clinical practice in Women’s Health. Robbins’ research-based practice honors the land where she lives, motherhood, and the role fashion plays in narrating life into her living practice. She is available for collaboration, cathartic retreats, photographic work, and detail work of soiree design.




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